Sunday, September 5, 2010

Off to a bad start ...

Several weeks ago I was really excited to have finally locked down an apartment in the city.  However, the last couple weeks have been hell.  I have really irritating and annoying landlords.  In particular, they are almost impossible to get a hold of.

It all started when they wanted me to wire them the last month's rent prior to having even signed a lease, which sketched me out quite a bit.  However, I got them to email me a signed copy of the lease, then I wired them the money.

Then it was pretty much impossible to get a hold of them to get the lease and my cheques to them.  They pretty much ignore all my phone calls, emails and text messages.  I know for a fact that one of them has an iphone and a blue tooth ear piece, which makes me know for sure that she would notice my contact attempts.

Finally, I arranged to meet her on the 1st, which is move in day to pick up the key and unload some stuff.  After driving an hour to the city, she stood me up and I waited for over 3 hours.  Not only did she stand me up, I noticed that after the last tenants moved out, the places was left in shambles.  Missing lights, dirty floors, garbage and furniture left all outside, and the list goes on.

I've spent the last couple days trying to stay in contact with them about these issues.  Reading what I've said so far, I guess you could imagine how much of a pain it is trying to keep up on things.

Worst thing of them all.  I couldn't find a phone jack in my apartment at all.  I have already gone ahead and made arrangements for DSL internet, which requires a phone line.  I really don't want to spend the first couple weeks in the city without the internet.  I need it to know how to get to work, connect with what few friends I have here and so much more!

Conclusion of this post thus far.  Big city landlords are jerks!


  1. It is in a big city. Other housing would be too pricey to consider so the landlords don't have to be nice. You need a place to live, they know that and you know that and they can use it.

  2. can't you live in the suburbia? you'll sleep better.. but you'll have to wake up earlier!

  3. I'd suggest using a phone to connect to the internet for the time being, also best of luck from me!

  4. I just moved into the city, too.

    It's going super awesome for me so far.

  5. oh hope everything turns out well


  6. Good luck in the city! I've been in a city for a while now and it definitely has its perks and pitfalls. I hope everything starts going better for you!

  7. Really like what you did with the blog!
    Keep up the good work mate.

  8. Things will get better on the upswing. I promise. Show some love?

  9. Oh well. Lets hope things get better.

  10. Ouch, that sucks. I'm guessing the reason why you're not living in a dorm on campus is because it's too expensive or they're full.

  11. hahaha sucks moving to a big city and being awkward.
    ive been living in the same city for 10 years and im still weird as hell.
    my roommate just moved here, knew 2 ppl and already has a clique and people hanging out in her room.

    anywayyyy just showing some <3 and following.