Friday, September 3, 2010

And Time Begins ...

Hello hello.

This is the inaugural post of my blog.
If you have found this blog, you are probably a random stranger on the internet.
You probably also spend far too much time on the internet.
You are probably socially awkward and don't have a very interesting or active social life.

No judgment from me because I am very much the same.
In the next couple days, I will be moving to the big city having lived in a smaller town my whole life and I attended university in another small town.

This move marks the beginning to a completely new life.  A life where I can start completely from scratch.  An identity free from my reputation of being a socially awkward loner.

This blog marks my journey into what I hope will be a very different and new life.  I hope you will follow along to see my progress, exchange advice, and hopefully we can all learn from my experience.

Wish me luck!


  1. interesting, can't wait to check back

  2. Good luck dude :) And yes I do spend too much time on the internet, I lack an interesting/active social life, and I am socially awkward. I currently live in a small town and I'm thinking of moving to a city some day and basically press reset on life.

  3. Interesting idea, I'll be interested to see where you go with this.

  4. Ive really been wanting to just move to a new city and kinda start from scratch. Im tired of of the place Im currently at, and having my heart broken here doesnt quite help it either. :/