Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Off to a good start ...

I haven't updated in several days, but there is oh so much to tell!  This new start is actually going really well.  Work has been kind of slow and haven't had too many chances to socialize with my coworkers but what little discourse I have had, has been great!  I am sure there will be many more opportunities in the future.

As for today, it was quite eventful.  I met my next door neighbours and they were really friendly guys.  I talked to my former roommate's ex-girlfriend today.  She has always been very friendly to me and she invited me out with her friends.  We had an amazing time!  I danced the night away with her and all her cute girlfriends.

So in conclusion, things are off to a great start!

My next request for advice involves the topic of fashion.
The biggest thing I've noticed since moving to the city is how fashionable everyone is.  My neighbours, the people in the street, and the people in the club.  I guess the style is described as 'hipster'.  I have always been a tshirt and loose fitting jeans kind of guy but I feel like I stick out a lot here and don't really fit in.  Some of you may advise that I don't sell my self out.  However, I have no problems with the 'hipster' style.  In fact, I actually like the fashion here.  There was just never any good clothing stores where I was from and I knew people would notice and ridicule me if I went through a sudden change.  However, I'm in a new city where I can have a new start.  The only problem is that I don't know where to start with fashion shopping.  Also, I don't have very much money.

I guess my question is, how should I go about acquiring new apparel.  Hopefully in a manner that isn't too costly.  I hear vintage/thrift shopping is really in and doesn't cost a lot of money.  Any fashion tips from anyone?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Set Up!

First night staying over and I start my job tomorrow morning.  I hope I can wake up in time!

The internet guy came over today and had trouble drilling a phone line through the wall, but eventually got it through the window frame.  So I have internet!  I was worried that I wouldn't have internet for the first while, which would really suck because having the internet would be key for finding out how to get around.

Some of you have commented thinking that I am a student.  I actually am no longer a student.  I spent the last four years completing a useless arts degree, hence why I am working part time as an usher at a art house theatre.  All the people working there are all university students or are around my age.  I hope to use this opportunity to make friends.

I guess this is my first request for advice, but how should I go about making friends with people at work?  Tomorrow is my first day.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Off to a bad start ...

Several weeks ago I was really excited to have finally locked down an apartment in the city.  However, the last couple weeks have been hell.  I have really irritating and annoying landlords.  In particular, they are almost impossible to get a hold of.

It all started when they wanted me to wire them the last month's rent prior to having even signed a lease, which sketched me out quite a bit.  However, I got them to email me a signed copy of the lease, then I wired them the money.

Then it was pretty much impossible to get a hold of them to get the lease and my cheques to them.  They pretty much ignore all my phone calls, emails and text messages.  I know for a fact that one of them has an iphone and a blue tooth ear piece, which makes me know for sure that she would notice my contact attempts.

Finally, I arranged to meet her on the 1st, which is move in day to pick up the key and unload some stuff.  After driving an hour to the city, she stood me up and I waited for over 3 hours.  Not only did she stand me up, I noticed that after the last tenants moved out, the places was left in shambles.  Missing lights, dirty floors, garbage and furniture left all outside, and the list goes on.

I've spent the last couple days trying to stay in contact with them about these issues.  Reading what I've said so far, I guess you could imagine how much of a pain it is trying to keep up on things.

Worst thing of them all.  I couldn't find a phone jack in my apartment at all.  I have already gone ahead and made arrangements for DSL internet, which requires a phone line.  I really don't want to spend the first couple weeks in the city without the internet.  I need it to know how to get to work, connect with what few friends I have here and so much more!

Conclusion of this post thus far.  Big city landlords are jerks!

Friday, September 3, 2010

And Time Begins ...

Hello hello.

This is the inaugural post of my blog.
If you have found this blog, you are probably a random stranger on the internet.
You probably also spend far too much time on the internet.
You are probably socially awkward and don't have a very interesting or active social life.

No judgment from me because I am very much the same.
In the next couple days, I will be moving to the big city having lived in a smaller town my whole life and I attended university in another small town.

This move marks the beginning to a completely new life.  A life where I can start completely from scratch.  An identity free from my reputation of being a socially awkward loner.

This blog marks my journey into what I hope will be a very different and new life.  I hope you will follow along to see my progress, exchange advice, and hopefully we can all learn from my experience.

Wish me luck!